Shanghai Neuroeconomics Collective Summer School


The goal of the Neuroeconomics Summer School is to bring together post-docs and advanced graduate students in neuroscience, psychology, economics and related disciplines for intensive and advanced study of the rapidly growing interdisciplinary field of neuroeconomics. The course will feature daily lectures, morning and afternoon, by leading international faculty on Neuroeconomics. Workshops and experimental projects will take place in the evenings.

Lecture topics include introductions to economics, the psychology of judgement and decision-making, the neuroanatomy and physiology of decision-making, and computational modelling. The course will cover experiment and theoretical work on economic decision making in humans as well as animal models. 

2017 Neuroeconomics Summer School

Date: 7/17-7/29   Location: Pudong Campus of NYU-Shanghai, China  

List of Lecture Topics

·        Ethology & Social Behavior

·        Pro-social Decision Making

·        Consumer Neuroscience

·        Neurofinance

·        Overconfidence

·        Emotions and Decision Making

·        Time Discounting and Self-control

·        Dual Process Models

·        Attention & Memory

·        Game Theory

·        Competition & Cooperation

·        Axiomatic Foundations of Economics

·        Theory of Utility and Value

·        Prospect Theory

·        Expectation-based Theories of Reference Point

·        Heuristics & Biases

·        Representation of Value in the Brain

·        Neural Systems for Valuation

·        Dopamine & Value

·        Perceptual Decision Making

·        Reinforcement Learning

·        Foraging



2015 Shanghai Neuroeconomics Collective Summer School


2015 List of Lecture Topics: 

  • Axiomatic bases of economics
  • Decision-making under uncertainty
  • Process-level models of Judgement and Decision-Making & Heuristics
  • Consumer Decision Making and Biases
  • Risk & Affect
  • Emotion and decision-making
  • Neuroscience of Self Control 
  • Strategic and social interactions and morality


  • Principles of neuroscience: methods, basic neurophysiology
  • Neural systems for valuation
  • Subcortical systems for valuation
  • Models of perceptual decision-making
  • Neural models of choice
  • Neuroscience of executive control
  • Reinforcement learning models
  • Evolution of reward-based decisions
  • Cognitive neuroscience of memory systems & decisions 
  • Neuroscience of social decision-making: animal models
  • Introduction to Game Theory 
  • Behavioral Economics of Social & Moral Decision Making
  • Neurofinance