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Kenway Louie, MD, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, 
Center for Neural Science, New York University

Kenway received his S.B. degrees in Biology and Chemical Engineering and PhD in Biology from MIT and his M.D. from Harvard Medical School. His research focuses on information coding in neural circuits, using an understanding of computation to examine both biological mechanism and behavior. In his graduate work with Matthew Wilson, he explored the patterned reactivation of mnemonic information in the rodent hippocampus during REM sleep. His postdoctoral research with Paul Glimcher focused on value representation in the primate brain, particularly the frontal and parietal circuits that control the selection of saccadic eye movements. Currently, a central focus of his research group is the role of canonical neural computations such as divisive normalization in the neural representation of value information. Ongoing projects include an efficient coding analysis of value coding, exploration of dynamical models of time-varying decision activity, and examination of history-dependent adaptation effects in neural activity and choice behavior.

Website: http://www.neuroeconomics.nyu.edu/people/kenway-louie/